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With professionally trained groomers we strive to offer the best results to 

all our customers


Extras: $5 and up
  • Nails & Bows

  • Elite Groom

  • Scissor cutting

  • Brush Out

  • Firminating

  • Puppy Cuts

Basic Grooming:

Small Dogs: $40+


Medium Dogs: $45+


Large Dogs: $50+


X-Large Dogs: $60+


CATS: $65+


Small Short Hair: $20+ 

Small Long Hair: $25+  


Med. short Hair: $26+

Med. Long Hair: $30+


Lg. Short Hair: $35+

Lg. Long Hair: $40+


XL short Hair: $45+

XL Long Hair: $50+


Clip & File: $10

Additional Charge based on size, condition or disposition/attitude of animal, customer wanting matts brushed out, excess scissor cutting or brushing, firminating, etc.  Please discuss with groomer or owner before you leave so you will know price before you pick up your pet.

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