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About us

Bark Ave. is an Elite boarding and grooming business based in the Pineville/Alexandria area. Our motto is "Your Pet's Our Love",  and we strive to be the best caretaker and playmate for your pet in your abscence.

Every pet that comes in doesn't leave before they make this place a home away from home. Whether it's to board or to groom, your pet(s) will receive our love! 

Our facilities were designed with your pet in mind. With separate rooms and yards for big dogs and little dogs your pet will be safe and comfortable!


We are one of the only pet groomers around CENLA that also boards and grooms cats. Cats are given a separate room called the "Kitty Condo", where they are completely separate from dogs. 


For easy pick up and drop off we offer a covered drive right up to the door. Easy and convenient! 


Let us be your Pineville pet grooming experience!​

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