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Boarding & Daycare

When you drop off your dog or cat at Bark Ave. to board or stay for daycare, it's more than just a place to stay. It's our goal to make it a home away from home. It's a place for your dog to run around and play multiple times a day. It's a place where your cat can get the attention it needs. The Bark Ave. staff is dedicated to making sure your pet stays happy, healthy and loved while you are away. 


Boarding Discounts:

2 or more pets      $1 off Pet Basic or Elite 

    2 or more pets      $2 off Pet Pet House Suite


Stay 7 nights and get a FREE bath 


Save $5 on any groom during a boarding visit.

Pick up Day Pricing: 7am-12pm (No Charge)  12pm-4pm (1/2 charge) 4pm-6pm (Full Charge)

Basic Boarding:


Small Dog: $14/night (Teacup & Toy size)


Medium Dog: $16/night


Large Dog: $18/night




Elite Suite Boarding:


Small Dog: 


Medium Dog:


Large Dog:



Pet House - Suite:

Small Dog:


Medium Dog:


Large Dog:


All Pitbulls are $20/night for Basic Boarding.


Please note that all prices are subject to change without prior written notice.

Pineville Pet Grooming


$10 daily rate

Give us a call for details! 

Pineville Pet Grooming
Please feel free to call to discuss any questions you may have or to schedule a tour. Our facility can be your pets home away from home. 
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